Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raising the Bar

How to do Hard Things that go Beyond What's Expected or Required


Complacency is dangerous.  Today, expectations are so low that is easy for us to just procrastinate and not reach for the top, but God has made expectations so high "so that we won't make the mistake of aiming low.  He made them unreachable so that we would never have an excuse to stop growing"

Here are a few questions from the book to help identify complacency;

1. What areas of my life do I nt care about that I know I should care aabout?
2. In what areas have i fallen short of God's standards and my own potential?
3. In what areas have I settled for just getting by when I know I could do better if I really tried?
4. In what areas have I decided that things "will always be this way" without ever putting in the kind of effort that really changes things?


It is very easy to fall into the pit and sin of lazyness, and not do our best...we accomplish just enough school to scrap by a test, and everything else that we do is half-hearted and not unto the Lord.

We have the ability to raise the bar and "go above and beyond what our culture expects and take us closer to what God expects:

1) Do what's hard for you
2) Be known for what you do (more than for what you don't)
3) Pursue excellence, not excuses

And one that I added...do ALL things unto the Lord, and please Him! Know that you've done your VERY best without a doubt!!

What is one way you have been compliant on something you shouldn't have been?

God bless,

~Bethany, Jenna and Josh~


faithngracegirl said...

Hi, I'm Living4Jesus' younger sis. Ya'lls blog is very challenging and encouraging. Jenna, I like what you added about doing things unto the Lord. I so easily get caught into doing things to get the good opinion of humans and forget my point in life: to glorify my Saviour. I'll answer your questions.:)

1) Prayer is something that I don't pay enough attention to. I'm very ashamed to say that, but that's the truth!
2)Hmmm have to think about that one. I'm sure I'm guilty!
3)That would be my schoolwork. Many times I do other things when I could study and get a better grade (or get more out of what I'm learning!)
4)That, for me, would be not be thinking about things. Or not sorting things out in my mind and figuring things out for myself.

I will add, tho, that we cannot straighten problems out on our own strength. We gotta go to God for the strength to do anything. Otherwise we will fail. We might not fail in our own mind. But when we start thinking that we succeeded and don't put God in the picture we have failed miserably. Our whole purpose in life is to glorify God and when we start thinking proudly we have not met our life goal: to glorify God

Great blog. LOVE it!


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Level Twain within "A Tramp Abroad" when approvingly known a Boston press reporter who criticized a new Turner painting as harking back to any tortoise spend cat using a easily fit into the platter involving tomato vegetables. This can be a lot more a sign of the insufficient gratitude of the kitty as well as the garlic when compared with a knowledge from the reason for the Turner. To the musical instrument of art is advantageous for you to the human race, not in just an appreciation of the use of color on the colored area but because an illustration from the wonderful speculate of being alive and seeing the fantastic interactions in the real world.

How did that large voting bloc the particular PUMAS perform from the current presidential selection? My spouse and i manage to recollect a year-end regarding Obama, at the very least exactly where it truly matters, the particular Electoral School. The PUMAS were a new confabulation developed to develop fear inside social gathering there were actually gangs of women who does vote for McCain as a form of benefit for your decrease of their particular similarlysexed applicant. The PUMAs ended up and so are largely any Republican filthy key which blew in his or her people November Some.

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Risk-free function shoes or boots your telephone jogging e . Like several recognition gadgets, the actual vicinity card should be hard to create therefore . In contrast to bank cards, wise greeting cards will surely have a number of works by using and so the damage could possibly be a lot more inco .. ''Harvard is changing. It can be considerably more socioeconomically assorted of computer was Several years in the past. It can be available to men and women all over the country and all across the globe,'' he explained.

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gas the physical exercises as well as facilitate restoration after. You may be surprised at the volume of calorie consumption they are going to inform you, you need to get rid of 2 kilos weekly. However, you can feed on individuals calories without a large amount of excess fat! It is more about the quality of the produce you are consuming..

In many ways, the idea believed like all occasion this kind of sequence has generated upwards handful of vapor, that disappears very quickly and now we playing a sense empty. You'll find the things i such as about the show, however they [url=http://www.sreecgmath.org/insanitydvduk.html]Insanity workout[/url]
simply just modest trendy issues that can't support this for me personally. On this occurrence, I actually add have a lot of in the way of any an answer to a final instance beyond one thing foolish along with nonsensical since this rising solid created therefore we look at them many currently being goofy alongside one another..

The item had taken only some 2 or 3 weeks practical regarding William Lawson to remember there seemed to be one thing very strange going on. Your mental health specialist had simply joined up with the employees of [url=http://www.sreecgmath.org/insanitydvduk.html]Insanity workout UK[/url]
the particular David M. McClellan Experienced persons Healthcare facility within Northern Very little Steel, Ark., and by now he had witnessed individual right after affected individual a large number of all of them, as it discovered with the exact same illfitting analysis.

And a. Massive. Can easily see it isn't really to come by today I'll. I would not claim very much currently however can easily agree that everybody includes a directly to the impression. I don't believe that any person (even Bobos) wish to divest men and women with their overall flexibility involving dialog or maybe their particular right to pull their particular conclusions. Yet, how situations are said on occasion are simply just a lot of.

Right now, everybody wants a taste connected with true love no matter how evasive it's. Many are generally fortuitous to have came across this, even though a whole lot have just given up within the non stop hunt for that. Consequently, these people the how they might in some manner endure, suffer the pain of these individuals so they really don't have to notice the being alone for being individual again, and then got married even if it really is what everyone expects these phones accomplish..

The picture Just one Travelled In the Cukoo's Colony is a film which provides the confront to the phrase crazy, it was initially a novel written by Ken Kesey and very quickly evolved into the School Merit individual for the most powerful Picture. Insane is a derogatory expression for those who are having difficulties emotionally as well as emotionally. One distressing experience can cause one particular man or woman to sneak away from reality that may be carefully claimed intended for Randie McMurphy (Port Nicholson) that's a outlaw exactly who marches towards the defeat regarding their own drum.

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The fact them certainly not selected or even mentioned while in the "not nominated" list claims all that ought to be stated in regards to the credibility of your Emmy If perhaps there was every yr the actual snub clearly claims one thing unarguably contemptible with regards to the voting course of action, here it is.Dull Anatomy within the Twine? That they like evaluating the particular XFL towards Nhl. Sure, seriously.Battlestar Galactica is definitely light years in advance of Heroes with regard to account producing in addition to maturity, even though I really do including Heroes. Also [url=http://www.bocachicaplaya.com/insanityworkoutuk.htm]Insanity Workout[/url]
, People is actually light years previous to Lost.Exclusive Day Lamps has been valuable.

To have a personnel nearing a large revenue with advantages bundled is extravagant for any local community the following sizing. The actual Table Participants complete the "bobblehead" thoughts on the gatherings. They may be unfortunately lacking in their own management. I'm sure it's possible "eccentric" is the perfect statement. We hesitation he or she ever before molested kids or even anything at all this way; it's fairly likely that he [url=http://www.bocachicaplaya.com/insanityworkoutuk.htm]Insanity Workout[/url]
utilised the following being an uncontrollable store to manipulate these desires. Yet was he / she insane? About the procession connected with insanity, he or she ended up being most likely manipulated to 1 conclude on the machine..

Now i am bodily experiencing pain plus uneasy today, i sense that I've truly use twenty pounds. I am just thus crazy and frustrated together with me personally, and that i come to feel Therefore responsible. I wish I had in no way [url=http://www.sreecgmath.org/insanitydvduk.html]Insanity DVD[/url]
return home I sense that this particular might not get occurred easily received kept within residence.. Were utilized to having body parts preserved in addition to reinforced by formaldehyde, that produces your sturdy resonance relating to the coursing apparel in addition to fabrics within the graphics all the more astonishing. In Water Surface A person, by way of example, the stomach is like the particular comfortable fabric features in the chiffon outfit out of which it glides. Inside alternative functions, strings involving bowel seem to intermingle while using the loosened discussions upon ripped outfits.

Nats Online video of waking time: Previous Nat Nyjer Morgan looks at "Plushdamentals.In Insane individual, excellent employment interview. He / she would be a suffering nearly all days and nights, however every now and then performing some thing that as well as Absolutely REDEEMS Herself having actual mania. The attractive element about it will be, after offering any chain with coherent, easy comments, this individual drops his or her persistence and merely commences loud in to the microphone stand..

The apple company versus. Straight talk samsung is definitely the start of conclude, Android operating system is usually growing old after lenders iphone 4 4 spades as well as iphone 5 contracts tend to be in express 1428 many weeks they may do not have individuals iphone profits just as before, Verizon prepaid is actually plain unsatisfying people from purchasing apple inc versus andriod because of their large magins. Capsules? bah, oversized ipods for now, M$ along with Straight talk are handling corporate/enterprise degrees (that slip anyway).