Friday, January 15, 2010

A Thousand Young Hero's!

This chapter is full of amazing stories of how young teens start wonderful ministries for refugee's, orphans and widows all across america and in other countries as well. The Harris brothers pose a question at the end: "What's your story"?

That is a big question, and as we all ponder and seek out the Lord's will for our ministry, we need to remember that the mission field is right in front of us! It may be right in our family, right in our backyard or neighborhood, or in our own Church family. Don't limit yourself to only going to Africa or China (as wonderful as it sounds). Also, it's not "our" or "my" ministry that we're starting - it's GOD'S ministry that HE is using us to work through!! What an honor to do HIS work!!
I'm praying for the Lord's guidance as I wait for Him to show me exactly which mission location that He wants me to work in. As for now, I am in my parents home and my mission is to be a Christ-like example to my younger siblings (which I'm always working on improving). I also have a big passion for blessing young moms around the area that need an afternoon of help with meals, babysitting, cleaning and much more. What is the Lord's will for my life?? Where does He want me to be? When will He reveal His plans to me?
These are my unknowns, but wherever and whatever I'm doing I am going to be a LIGHT for Jesus Christ and I pray that I bless all the people that I come in contact with. Wherever you are, you have a mission - pray and ask the Lord to show you what it is!

What's YOUR mission? We'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

*A note to all of our readers! We apologize for not posting on our regular schedule this week...we will adjust the schedule accordingly and thank you for understanding! One quick announcement: Our next book will be "Making Brothers and Sisters your Best Friends" by Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally. Please order it or find it now so that you can be ready to start with us! There will be more announcements in the next week:)*



faithngracegirl said...

I think that the Lord has called me to be a nurse midwife. If I heard wrong I'm confident that He will close doors. If I heard right, well, God will provide a way! \

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

I'll look foward to going through the book "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends" with you all! It's a great book and our family has read it together before.
Right now, my mission is learning how to be a keeper at home and being a good sister to my sweet siblings. I still have a lot to learn! I once felt God was calling me to be a missionary. (In Ethiopia to be exact) I have been convicted though, that it would not be right to go out on the mission field on my own. (I would be out from under my Dad's protection) If God's will is for me to be involved in missions, I pray that he will bless me with a husband who has a heart for missons. His plan is so much greater than I could ever imagine. We serve an awsome God!
We'll see what "mission" he has in store for me.
God Bless,
In Christ,

Kade said...

alright, that's what i like! great post! you just motivated me even more!

Jessica Faith said...

I think that God has called me to be a labor and delivery nurse and possibly a singer - i would also appreciate your prayers on this! Thanks! Also, right now, my mission is to glorify God - as always:) - to be a light in this world - as always :) - and to be a great older sister and daughter and friend to my family and friends!! (As always again) :)
great post guys!!!

Elizabeth said...

I have loved this book! I am also really looking forward to reading Making Brothers and Sisters best friends. I have read Sarah Malley's other book, Before you meet Prince Charming, and it is fantastic! I've been wanting to read this one for some time, and now this gives me an excuse to do so! :) I reserved it at the library, so hopefully it will come in soon!! :)