Friday, November 13, 2009

The Direction Of Purity

This chapter is completely full of thoughts about the subject of purity. And while I was reading it I was thinking to myself: "How on earth am I supposed to choose just one quote?". There is so much in here! This morning Bethany suggested, because it's very explanatory, that we all just pull out some quotes that spoke to us....


"True purity, however, is a direction, a persistent, determined pursuit of righteousness. This direction starts in the heart, and we express it in a lifestyle that flees opportunities for compromise." pg. 88

So many people say: "Oh, yeah, I'm a virgin." but really what they mean is: " I just haven't went all the way and had sex ". Purity is often relative. But, the quote above sums up true purity. (sorry, I just wanted to comment on that quote quickly!)

"One of the best ways to maintain a pure life is to watch out for the purity of others. What can you do to protect your brothers and sisters in the Lord form Impurity? What can you say to encourage them to keep their hearts set in the direction of righteousness?"p97

"If we truly seek to live pure lives, we can't allow ourselves to detour from the pursuit of righteousness for even a second." p.88

"If we truly want to pursue purity, then we need to point ourselves in God's direction. We cannot simultaneously explore the boundaries of purity and purse pursue righteousness-they point us in opposite directions. True purity flees as fast and as far as it can from sin and compromise."p.91

"If we desire purity, we have to fight for it. This means adjusting our attitudes and changing our lifestyles." p.92

"We can only attain righteousness by doing two things - destroying sin in its' embryonic stage and fleeing temptation." p.93

" If we want to lead pure lives, then we must realize that purity does not happen by accident. Rather, we must constantly pursue the direction of purity." pg. 91

"Respect for the institution of marriage should motivate us to protect it from violation while we're single." pg.94
As a side note: We should be protecting ourselves both physically and emotionally.

"Purity requires obedience to God. But this obedience is not burdensome or over bearing. We have only to consider the alternatives to impurity to see the beauty of walking in God's will." pg.100

" Do you see the beauty and power and protection of purity? Do you want all this? Are you ready to deny yourself the pleasures of the moment to live a pure, God focused life?" pg. 101

Remember to respect the deep significance of physical intimacy, to set your standards too high, and to make the purity of others a priority.

Would you like to share a quote(s) that spoke to you? Leave them in a comment

Blessings to you all,
Josh, Jenna and Bethany