Monday, November 23, 2009

Guard Your Heart

Jenna -
"You and I are the Keepers of Our Hearts. We need to constantly evaluate the purity of our hearts in prayer, asking God to reveal the little things that contaminate us. As God reveals our wrong attitudes, longings, and desires, we must remove them from our hearts." Pg 143
The little things that contaminate me may be so small that I don't realize or admit them. I am so thankful that by asking God, He lovingly points my weaknesses out to me, and by HIS grace I remove them. This goes for more than romantic can be applied to anything in my life and yours!
Josh -
" God is righteously jealous for our hearts; After all, He created us and redeemed us. He wants us to focus our thoughts, longings, and desires on him. He lovingly blessed us with human relationships, but He first calls us to find our heart's delight in Him." pg.144 
 God should be our first love. If we are distracted from God through the influence of things such as dating, relationships and other fleshly desires, something needs to change. These "pollutants" should go! They should be eliminated from our hearts so we can find total focus on God.
Bethany - 

"The job of guarding our hearts is a big responsibility.  It takes place in the secret places of devotion.  In honest prayer and meditation in god's Word, we scrape the film of infatuation, lust and self-pity for our hearts.  ....the work is never done."

It can be easy to be like Jessica and get sucked into the desire to have a boyfriend/girlfriend because of peer pressure, personal desires or maybe because you've "fallen in love".  We can't let ourselves go that easily, we need to focus on God.  He is the one who has promised to never leave you nor forsake you and will stick closer than a brother....and He never breaks His promises...unlike many "romantic relationships".  Keep close to Him that truly loves you. 

Please share your thoughts!  Your comments mean the world to us.  :)

~Bethany, Josh and Jenna~


The Myers Family said...

Steve Green has a great song out by that is precious!

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Amen! Right now, our hearts should be directed towards Jesus Christ, and our love for him strengthened in every way. Then, in his perfect timing, we will, Lord willing, marry the one he has picked out for us.


Elliot said...

I like the quote @ Josh: We talk about saving our hearts for our future spouse, and that's great, but in the larger scheme of things, we ought to think of saving our hearts for God. The primary purpose of emotional or spiritual purity should be to save ourselves completely and wholly holy for God.

OK...enough comment spamming for the day. (You all asked for it, right?) On to school!

God bless, and thank you all for sharing.