Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Redeeming the Time...

~Making the most of your Singleness~

Bethany -

So we don't date.....and we get to be 18,19,20, etc. What are we supposed to do, sit around doing nothing till that "special someone" comes into your life? NO WAY! We have a huge responsibility to help other and opportunity to serve God and learn so as to be prepared for the future.

Mr. Harris gave a list of things that we can currently work on in our single life:

1. Practice intimacy (build family/friend relationships)

2. Practice seeking God with others

3. Practice financial responsibility.

4. Practice parenthood (on siblings or other little ones around you!)

5. Practice practical life skills (shopping, cooking, laundry, etc.)

"When we focus on "redeeming the time," we'll not only make the most of each moment, we'll also prepare ourselves for the next season of our lives. Our faithfulness in small things today earns us the right to handle bigger responsibilities down the road."

Jenna -

"We cannot ignore our current responsibilities and expect to magically gain the strength of character and virtue that will make us good husbands and wives. If we aren't faithful and growing in the relationships we have now, we won't be prepared to pursue faithfulness and growth in marriage later." Pg. 157

Things don't happen magically...even if we want them too. Like Mr. Josh Harris said, we need to practice our skills and train for the future! For me, I can train for a future relationship by honoring my dad, serving my brothers, helping my mom with life skills, and interacting/teaching my sisters...

Are you fulfilling the responsibilities that God gave you right now?

Josh -

" Marriage won't transform us into new people, it will only act as a mirror, showing what we already are. We have to practice now what we want to be in the future." pg. 158
Well many of us are impatient to find a spouse, and waste time pining away or wondering: "Where is that person God?", there are many things that we can do redeem the time and prepare for the day that God will bring the two together.
Problems and bad habits do not disappear over night, and likewise, neither do good habits and positive character traits spring up over night. We can (and should) spend our single years preparing for marriage.
What are you doing to redeem the time and prepare for marriage?
Bethany, Jenna and Josh


Living4Jesus said...

Great thoughts!! I never actually thought about it that way. My parents automatically taught me how to do this, (Praise the Lord!) but it pays to think about what you're doing sometimes. ;)

Green Gardening Girl said...

Great post. It is true. So many kids say, "well, I'm not married. I guess I 'll go get a job or move away." When we could be strengthening our talents. Under our parents, who know what they are doing!