Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Myth of Adolesence

Bethany -

How old is the term 'teenager'? Not very old at all....just barely 70 years old. Before that, children grew into adults. There was no in-between age. Girls grew into women, boys into men. By the age of 15, they were considered adults. The expectations were much higher than they are today.
So, expectations of teens today are very low. Teens aren't exactly like taking charge of a ship or school anymore. David and Clara may have changed history, but they were really just average people who expected much out of themselves. They got results.

Now it's time for us to raise the expectation bar a little. It's our turn to have some high expectations for ourselves!!

Josh and Jenna -

We found this chapter full of encouragement to gut out the HARD things, but what do we comment on? We would love to have each of you share one hard thing that you're doing right now, or have done in the past...

Hard things can be working on a character quality, conquering something that you hate doing (like making phone calls lol) or making a decision that may not be your preference.

One hard thing that I (Jenna) am working on right now is not being bossy. I've got that "oldest sister syndrome" and it is not an easy thing to overcome, trust me! However, I don't want people to know me as "the boss", and so I pray that God will help me not be'll have to ask my siblings if I'm making progress?.

Whether you're reading the book with us or not, please comment sharing a hard thing that you've done!


Elizabeth said...

Personally, I am a very shy person. Right now I am working on trying to speak up and not just stand there listening or nodding my head.:)

Also, in this chapter it talked about the website they found with the expectations for your "average teenager". Honestly, I have been doing even the "older teen" stuff for years!!! This really shows how low the bar has fallen! I also saw an advertisement the other day for a class to take nearby for highschoolers. It said something like, "Do you know how to cook? Do laundry? Sew a button back onto your shirt? Use your microwave for more than heating popcorn and hot chocolate? Come to this class and learn all this plus MORE!" The sad thing is that a 12th grader has to go to a class to learn those things I knew years ago!!! When I read that, I was just really amazed!!

I am really enjoying this book discussion!

God Bless!

Jessica said...

I have two big hard things I am working on right now. The rest are just a bunch of little things.

1. I have always struggled with procrastinating. I am striving to work harder and do things right away instead of putting them off.

2. Playing the guitar. I just started this week and already love it. I am being self taught through a cd set. So far it has been challenging, but a lot of fun! Looking forward to learning and growing more in this area!

I loved reading this book at the beginning of this year and I am so glad you guys chose to do it as your next book discussion!

In Christ,

Chloƫ said...

This was a convicting chapter! Too often I excuse myself by comparing myself with other teens, thinking well I'm doing better than THEM! But I really don't have any excuse because God has a higher standard for me.

One of my continual struggles is the fear of man. I'm too worried about what others think about me (which ultimately comes down to pride). I worry about the silliest things because I'm afraid of what others will think. God is healping me to have a better fear of HIM, which will my fear of man.

I am a fist-born and struggle also with perfectionism. I feel like if I have not reached the highest mark that I have failed. Also, I tend to be very critical of others. But, perfectionism proves I'm not perfect :) and God is helping me to show more grace to others!