Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peace Treaties in the Living Room

Healing Hurt Relationships
Bethany -
The Three Types of Conscience.....A good conscience, a guilty conscience and a dead conscience. This chapter talks about the importance of asking forgiveness and the relief of guilt off your conscience.
I remember when I was about 5 or 6 years old we were at my grandparents house and I broke something in their home. Rather than going and telling anyone, I just left it be. A few hours later at home I was a miserable mess. I had no appetite, didn't want to do anything and just felt like crying. Finally I told my mom and she let me call my grandparents and I told them what I had broken and told them I would replace it. What a relief! I was so glad to have that burden off my conscience!
Don't keep a guilty conscience, it's miserable and you aren't right with God. It may be difficult to ask forgiveness, but it's better than being separated from our Heavenly Father.
Jenna -
"Little sins that are never made right will affect us for the rest of our lives. If there are little offenses we have not taken care of, we have guilt which willl be a hindrance in our relationship with God and others. Guilt does to relationships what injuries, handicaps, diseases or poisons do to the body. They hinder the way if functions." Pg. 105
I have had this in my own life, where I'll put off asking forgiveness for something and HOPE that the other person that I offended will forget what I did. That DID hinder my relationship with Jesus Christ and once I took care of my offense, I was able to keep growing in the Lord.
Don't put off asking forgiveness. It can sound scary to have to go up to someone and confess your wrong, but as Bethany said, the guilt will consume you! You will be a miserable mess.
Take a few moments, and make a list of things that you have never asked forgiveness for. Go to the person that you hurt or offended and take care of the matter... Don't put it off 'til tomorrow for you don't know what it may bring.
Stephen's Definitions
Answers - What wehave for other people's problems
Popularity - Knowing that there are two sides to every question and taking both of them.
Conscience - Something that keeps more people awake than coffee.
Clear Conscience - Often the sign of a bad memory.
Problems - Psychiatrists tell us that talking solves these - it also causes them
Eraser - The perfect invention for human beings.
Mind - A high tech, fully automated, non-battery-operated excuse maker (now with more memory!).
In Christ,
Jenna and Bethany
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