Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Door to My Room is Locked

{Three Life-Changing Attitudes}


Sensitivity: "Seeing beyond the surface to the real needs of those I am with." Sensitivity is vital to a relationship of any kind. If sensitivity is not found in a relationship, people will be hurt, little encouragement will be given and no one will feel happy or loved. This is one area that I really need to work on myself. Being a person who is not very sensitive to things other do to me, I am often not near as sensitive as I should be with others.

Meekness: "Giving up my rights and dying to my wants, knowing that God is actually in charge." I always enjoy reading these chapters in this book because you can so tell the Mally's birth order by their writing and stories. Sarah is definitely the oldest. Grace - obviously the youngest, and Stephen stuck right in the middle. Being the oldest in the family, I enjoy reading Sarah's section since I can often relate and struggle in the same areas (sibling wise). Being a leader is natural to the eldest child in the family but often it comes out bossy even if it's not meant to be. It's not easy for many older siblings to show meekness to their younger siblings, but another vital role in your relationship with them.

Compassion: "Gently healing hurts because we are able to feel how other have been wrongfully injured." Okay, another tough one for me. Now, if someone "wrongfully injures" one of my siblings (both physically or hurts their feelings), they'd better watch out 'cause I'm going to come after them. However, I'm not a soft gushy person and am not about ready to cry whenever someone else is or comfort them when they get hurt. I'm more of a "buck up and get over it" type of person but I know that isn't always appropriate. Yes, another one of those things to work on!

"Everyday, almost every minute, we can be demonstrating these three traits of godliness. As sensitivity, meekness, and compassion become a pattern in our lives, we will see unexpected benefits in our relationships with our siblings. We may never know just how much we have impacted their lives." (p. 176)


Bethany, Josh and I are all "first borns"...we and all the other first borns out there can usually relate to the hardship of meekness and "voluntarily putting yourself underneath another...". It takes surrenduring pride and showing humility, sensitivity and compassion.

This book has been a tremendous encouragement, but it has also stretched me and given me a different outlook on being the oldest sister.

Number 1: I am NOT supposed to be the boss! I have the tendancy to quickly (and efficiantly!) divide the chores and "encourage" (though often perceived as nagging to my siblings) everyone to keep at their chores and get them done's become a habit to me and annoyance to them. I am working on breaking this habit because I want to be a Sensitive...and Meek...and Compasionate sister.

This is a constant journey for me, and I'm sure many of you ~ I'm just sharing from my experiences and my heart!

Don't get discouraged. Keep working on your part of sibling relationships and ask the Lord to help you:)

Stephen's Definitions:

Charity - Something that should begin at home, but most people don't stay at home long enough to begin it.
Character - Have it. Don't be one.
Mistake - The first one usually made is opening your mouth.
Conscience - It may be a stil, quiet voice, but it sure yells loudly afterwards.
Diplomacy - The art of letting someone else get your way.

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